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We can scan your computer, website and online accounts to detect any viruses or malware. We offer lots of advice relating to how to clean up your computer or laptop to get it to run more effectively.

To begin the Desktop Cleanup Wizard:

·Click on Start, then select Control Panel.

·Inside Control Panel, select Appearance and Themes in the heading Pick a category.

·Under a Control Panel icon, choose Display. The Display Properties dialog box should come up.

·In Display Properties dialog box, click Desktop tab, and click Customize Desktop. The Desktop Items box is shown.

·In Desktop cleanup , click to clear the Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard every two months check box if you don’t want the Desktop Cleanup Wizard to automatically begin every two months

·Select Clean Desktop Now. The Desktop Cleanup Wizard opens.

You should backup often

You know how annoying it is when you’re half through an essay and Word breaks down and you lose all your hard graft? Imagine that happening to hundreds of documents when your hard drive fails! That’s why you must always, always backup your documents and then back it up again. If there’s something you can’t bear to lose, copy it straight away.

Remove unused programs

I imagine there are at least ten programs on your computer that you don’t ever use. Why are they still there? What use are they serving? Other than filling your registry and slowing your computer, they don’t serve any purpose, so why not just uninstall them? It’s easy to go. Go to your control panel and look for the Add/Remove Programs part and it’s very easy from there. Just find the programs you don’t use anymore and click Remove.


Welcome to Computer scanning and maintenance

We offer lots of information on how to scan your computer systems and search for malware and delete it. We also offer general maintenance advice, which you can find by searching through our site. Here are some examples of what we can advise you about.

Take good care of your drives

The disk defragment feature is a perfect place to start. It tidies up your drive by searching for all the loose file fragments and consolidating it to use up less space. By doing this you’re removing the pressure on other parts that have to search for these fragments by enabling it to be easier for them to find what they’re looking for. This, subsequently, makes the process much much quicker.

Disk defragments should be carried out monthly for the most effect. The more often you do it, the fewer minutes it takes the next time.

Don’t let hard drives get clogged

As said earlier, a healthy hard drive is key to a smooth running computer. It’s therefore very important that you leave some space on there. It’s often thought that around 500mb is the smallest amount of space you should have on your drives at any one time, but I like to edge on the side of caution and leave several GB’s free. The reason why you must leave free space is because Windows can get filled and clogged up if you allow your hard drive to fill to capacity and start dumping data.

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