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OREGAN : Solutions > Oregan Media Browser > Onyx UI and Apps Framework. Oregano 1 was a native RISC OS application

The Onyx browser is a state of the art implementation of open web and home networking standards in a single compact software stack packaged and presented as a consumer TV application framework.

Onyx UI and Apps Framework

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  • Browsers & Browser technology
  • Oregano 3 running on RISC OS
  • See Benedict for more information on using browsers as a way of promoting your website to a wider audience. They have a research department which is doning some great things.
  • *Features include support for:
  • You could always which is in our opionion better than Microsofts IE 10

  • HTML 3.2 
  • HTML 4.0 compliancy on supported elements
  • Javascript 1.5 with DOM Level 0.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL 3.0)
  • Cascading Style Sheets 1.0 (except layers)
  • Frames with frame history
  • Cookies
  • Secure Authentication
  • In memory session cache  
  • JPEG (including progressive)
  • GIF (including animated)
  • PNG
  • WAV (including MS ADPCM)
  • AU
  • MP3
  • Macromedia Flash 3.0 and 4.0
  • Scalable vector font technology
  • Unicode 8 & 16 bit
  • ASCII 7 & 8 bit
  • BIG5 - Chinese Traditional
  • GB / HZ - Chinese Simplified
  • JIS / SJIS / UJIS - Japanese
  • UKSC - Korean
  • TIS - Thai
  • Favourites
  • Output: Graphics and HTML
  • Suitable for RISC OS 3.5 and above using 256 or more colours
  • Customisable GUI
* Some of these features are not fully supported. Please see our FAQ for details

To download a demo version of Oregano2 go here.

To obtain the full version of Oregano2 you will need to with your Registration PIN.

Registration PINs can be obtained by purchasing a full version of Oregano2 online or calling our sales team on 01728 723200.

If you received Oregano2 bundled with a new computer from Soft Scan you will find your Oregano2 Registration PIN on the accompanying card.

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